Feminist Felt is a collaboration with women felt artisans in the Republic of Georgia, Miriam Schaer, and activists from the Women’s Fund in Georgia, including Ida Bakhturidze. The works embrace feminist activism for women’s basic rights to safety as well as advocacy for women craft artisans, whose skills are endangered, underpaid and under recognized. The project grew out of a Soros Arts and Culture grant program, Felted Lives: Crafting Women’s Stories.

The collaboration with artist activist groups and women craft unions in the Republic of Georgia engaged the ancient Georgian craft of felt making to explore contemporary artists books, as well as protest banners and masks, some of which have been used in Georgian feminist and LGBTQIA marches and protests. These craft practices are in urgent need of intangible heritage preservation. 

Simultaneously, women's empowerment movements have taken Georgia into its second wave of feminism, and they oppose the oppressive gender regulations of an Orthodox society, at times to their personal endangerment.