Center for Book, Paper & Print

The Center for Book and Paper Arts is part of Columbia College Chicago and is the largest book-and-paper-arts teaching institution in the United States. Melissa Potter develops collaborations with international visiting artists at the center designed to engage with Columbia College Chicago Interdisciplinary Arts graduate students and volunteers from Chicagoland institutions. Past projects have involved Alison Knowles, the Guerrilla Girls, and Laura Anderson Barbata, to name a few.

The online exhibition featured in the video below documents one of the Center’s collaborations with Venezuelan Yanomami artist, Sheroanawë Hakihiiwë. His hand papermaking editions were created at the Center under the direction of Melissa Potter.

The artworks produced contribute to the rare documentation created by the Yanomami about their community, as their historical tradition is predominantly oral. The symbols featured in the artworks are inspired by Hakihiiwë's mother, who like other women in the community painted these symbols on babies for protection.

The online exhibition of this work was produced during Potter’s Art as Practice graduate course in Spring 2017. Student Curators who worked in the project include: Colleen McCulla, Book and Paper; Robyn Day, Photography; Sarah Hiatt, Photography; DW McCraven, Interdisciplinary Arts; Willa Goettling, Book and Paper; Lynn Elam, Book and Paper; Phil Worfel, Interdisciplinary Arts