Honoring the women of 488 State Street, the early 20th Century brothel closest to the current Papermaker's Garden site. Brothels were recorded by Hull House Wage Map researchers.
  Memorial menu honoring invisible labor and sex work in the Papermaker's Garden. Printed on potato fiber grown in the beds on the same location where some of these women worked.
  Wage Maps: Brothels, handmade sunflower and corn paper tablecloth, paint, ink, 5 x 8 feet, 2015
  Food, Sex & Death event in the Papermaker's Garden.
  Public domain edition available on Lulu of Jane Addams testimony about sex workers in the South Loop Chicago area. Presented as a public reading and peformance at the People's Church for an exhibition, Worn Articles.
  Letterpress printing holiday cards on paper with fiber from Fresh Press, Illinois.
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